Newborn Baby Sophia Grace

Newborn Baby Sophia Grace

There would be no more appropriate way to launch my beautiful new website but with a new (long overdue) blog post all about a gorgeous little baby.

Sophia Grace the daughter of one of my very first wedding couples.  Such a pretty baby and an absolute joy to photograph.

Gemma & Travers had a beautiful ceremony & reception on the bank of the River Thames in Bray at the lovely venue, Monkey Island Hotel.  I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them and their wedding was beautiful..Gemma looked so incredible in her gown and I remember her gorgeous veil, still one of my favourites…and of course not forgetting the wonderful Louboutins!!

They had so many fabulous friends at their wedding and I especially liked the charismatic Jay & Krissy and was thrilled to photograph their wedding the following year!  Always a compliment and lovely to see them all again.

A few years has past since both their wedding days but it still stands that as a wedding gift to all my couples they will receive a free newborn baby shoot..any excuse to catch up with my couples and have a cuddle with their gorgeous babies.


I love to photograph newborns and have tried different ways, looked at new ideas, bought lots of props!  But I have settled on keeping my newborn photos as natural as possible.  Babies are adorable enough and for me they look no better when they are just being themselves.  So no photoshop wizardry or sophisticated set ups, just you, your baby & some wonderful natural light.

2014-12-10_0014  2014-12-10_0013 2014-12-10_0012

These images of Gemma, Travers & Sophia Grace were taken in my home studio.  A simple arrangement, warm and cosy with lots of lovely light.  I do often feel though with such a tiny baby it is much better that I come to your home.  Having had 3 children myself I know what a drama it is getting out of the house in those first few weeks so I am more than happy to come to you.

2014-12-10_0011 2014-12-10_0010 2014-12-10_0006 2014-12-10_0003

Sophia Grace

Sophia Grace

I’m looking forward to watching this little one grow up, she is a real beauty and throughly adored by her Mum & Dad..what an honour to be a little part of their lives and to record such special times, all those memories captured forever.

2014-12-10_0009 2014-12-10_0008 2014-12-10_0007


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