Day 6 505050 UK

Day 6 505050 UK

Day Six:
50 Portraits
50 Days
50mm lens
No pre planning, no fixed poses, just people doing their on the most part they will be strangers, so courage required too!

Well what a character! Mick, born in Kilburn above a snooker hall and now a well known and loved character just off the Kings Road, opposite the Chelsea Registry office, sells flowers and plants for a living, but they way he was talking I think he’s already set for life with his mini mansion in Fulham!
The star of a few London set movies with a sprinkling of celebrity clients like Sean Bean, Rod Stewart & Maureen Lipman…’oooeeer luverrley layddee she was, spent 40 quid luverllley!!’
He had us laughing and interested in his stories for 20 mins..when asked his fantasy would be to run off with Pauline who’s 25 but a bit old for him now but keeps chatting him up..but he said “he’d never leave ‘er indoors…my Yvonne”

If you are ever on Chelsea Manor Street go say hello and said you saw him here.



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