Day 5 505050 UK 2011

Day 5 505050 UK 2011

Day Five:
50 Portraits
50 Days
50mm lens
No pre planning, no fixed poses, just people doing their on the most part they will be strangers, so courage required too!

Its great fun armed with my camera looking at everyone and seeing who I am going to approach next, I get butterflies and feel very odd as I make my approach but as soon as I explain and show some ID people seem happy to oblige.

Now this next image is in B&W as I want to be consistent but it was this young ladies shot of red hair with the flower in it that caught my eye in Marks & Spencers! (Just nipping in for a coffee ;0 )

She looked older as these young girls do but she was only in fact 16 years old and Mum needed some reassurance quite rightly that I wasn’t at all dodgy.

Georgie loves to sing & Dance and is a pupil at Italia Conti School, just about to go into sixth form.

The middle child of three she loves Rihanna & Beyonce and has that sparkle of a big star soon to be discovered…hopefully I have caught the first portrait of the next big thing..well you never know 😉



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