Nick Monteleone

Nick Monteleone

Dear Nick

It’s been a year since the day we met.

I will never forget that day.  I felt like I had known you my whole life and that day you gave me your whole life, your words, your story and your legacy.  You trusted me, I know I was just a vessel and I had no doubt of where I needed to be.

That day, our time, will be with me forever.  Your life impacted so many and I am thankful that for just a moment, I got to see why you were so special, why they all love you so much.

I hugged your wife tonight.  Pam looked so pretty, forever a little sad now, we share this much.  I recognize her pain and that of your children & their children.   I want to hold her face and say, ‘I know, but I can’t because I don’t know, how could I.  Looking at her and seeing your family about the place, I feel you, I feel your presence.  The glue, the reason, even without your living body, they are together, for you and because of you.

When I look at your family I feel so thankful, privileged that I get to know them, experience their crazy!  Let’s be honest, they are all a little crazy!

You have to love their noise, their frantic togetherness.  They are family, unapologetic but as an army they stand.  It’s a beautiful thing.

All of your children are a little bit special to me.

I see you in all they do.  It seems a silly thing to say, even a little presumptuous as we barely knew each other but they all wear a little of your character to.

Individually, I feel like we all have a bit of a connection, I know how honored I am to say this and I nurture & respect it gratefully.

Lisa, my dear friend. What a journey we have been on.  We came to meet in special circumstances, fate intervened & now we are forever entwined.

For me and all that know you, you are the beacon of your Dad, I think of him often and I know he is ever present for you.

Family the most important thing.  You live & breathe that philosophy, for Nick the most precious possession in his life.

I sat before a man a year ago and he honored me with his life story.  He changed my life in doing so.  Thank you Lisa for introducing us, thank you Nick for sharing your family with me.  Nick loved you all and I got to witness that first hand.

A second has passed since that very special day..others call it a year.

In memory of you.




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  1. It was a beautiful story that you captured so well and your letter is a perfect epilogue.



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