Day 3 505050 UK 2011

Day 3 505050 UK 2011

Day Three:
50 Portraits
50 Days
50mm lens
No pre planning, no fixed poses, just people doing their on the most part they will be strangers, so courage required too!

A bit late tonight guys although I took the image first thing this am, manic day and Bride & Groom have been with me for hours, didn’t realise how challenging this sort of project could be.

But anyhow, my image is of Emma, she was dropping her children off at Summer Club and clearly pregnant she was also in labour! She has three boys already under 8 years of old and as I started editing her picture I had news that she has just given birth at home to another gorgeous boy Otto!! Well done Emma apologies I made you pose whilst in labour and with no make-up on, but I think you look incredible. xx




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