#walkies A personal post…

#walkies A personal post…

Sorry for my absence!  Lots of shoots coming this way, its been nice and busy and very varied!

Every day Toffee, my lovely Cavachon and I go walkies and I take pictures on my iphone and post them to instagram..see here: https://instagram.com/careysheffield/.

Whether its the wonderful woodland setting or the delight of my crazy dog I like to take a daily picture at least.

My gorgeous kids are off of school,  along with the rest of the country for Easter Hols so they joined Toffee and I on our excursion to Lightwater Country Park.

This time, much to my kids horror, I took my camera, one lens and intended to get a handful of shots.  You see, I don’t photograph my own children much, one because I don’t have as much patience with them as I do other peoples kids, I know ‘My Bad” and two..because it’s my job, I tend to leave it all at home and just use my iphone!

This is shocking..so I tried to remedy that a little today.

This is largely what I would get up to with any family.

Enjoy..we did.


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