Photography Training -Beginners DSLR

Photography Training  -Beginners DSLR

Saturday the 20th April saw a hive of photography training activity at No.1 London Road Ascot. Lots of keen amateur photographers with their DSLR’s and a full intention to get to know how to use them!

This is the second of my one day courses and I am very pleased with the outcome and comments from my delegates. I will be booking future dates very soon.

The day starts with breakfast and an informal chat a chance to get to know each other. Coffee and muffins all round!

After our theory session, that is simple, low key and without lots of jargon we go out putting our knowledge into practice.

The gorgeous Lilian made a great model!

A lovely lunch, some photography chit chat, a run down down of all the aspects we have covered, then a chance to look at some of our images.

Followed by more practice and some posing tips!

Everyone went home with a goody bag and some great new tools for taking amazing photos.

Thanks guys it was a great day!


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