Day 7 505050 UK 2011

Day 7 505050 UK 2011

Day Seven:
50 Portraits
50 Days
50mm lens
No pre planning, no fixed poses, just people doing their on the most part they will be strangers, so courage required too!

Now this challenge has really got me…until I have that image in camera I’m on edge all day.

On my way back from a night in London I was avidly scanning the streets but its tough to just say stop the car !! I will get arrested….then it started to rain hard!

Nearly home and I spotted a stables, so wearing flip flops after severe rain (not a good idea) I looked for my next subject.

Meet Sophie, a trainee Veterinarian with her gorgeous horse Snobben. He was a Swedish Polo Pony before he came to England and after one previous owner became Sophies’ new love.

Sophie also loves Rock Music and enjoys playing Bass Guitar!

I could do this all the time, I’m meeting new interesting people, interviewing on the spot and then taking their picture..crazy but cool.



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