Day 10 50/50/50 UK 2011 Nick

Day 10 50/50/50 UK 2011 Nick

Day Ten:

50 Portraits 50 Days 50mm lens
No pre planning, no fixed poses, just people doing their on the most part they will be strangers, so courage required too!

Today I wanted to get a lady…..easy tiger! I mean try and find a female subject. I drove to a couple of salons all busy and because it keeps raining I didn’t want someone to stop for me and get wet..So I went to the pub…no not for a drink but to photograph a nice lady bar person, no lady but I got Nick the owner, I will try to get a lady tomorrow!
Nick has owned The Surrey Cricketers for seven years a nice village pub in Windlesham. He has a wife, Meral and a daughter Zara, and very soon baby number two, who’s dues in November.Nick has served a few famous faces whilst at The Cricks, notoriously Russell Crowe whilst he lived in the village as he was filming Robin Hood, the big hair duo Brian May and his Wife Anita Dobson who live nearby and recently Alex Reid…although don’t tell anyone that, he doesn’t want to put people off the place.Nick also manages his own property portfolio and fancies himself a bit of a farmer with his 8 Chickens, 5 Ducks, 3 dogs and 3 fish!Born in Hampshire, Whitchurch he says he has never done anything major or adventurous but I’m sure thats not true, I’ll go back and find out from his regulars one Friday night what he really gets up to!If you ever visit buy him a drink..a large Pinot Grigio please!



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